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Personal Stylist: Dressing up

  • posted February 13th, 2010
  • Fashion


Finding the perfect dress is tricky but it’s not just about sleeves or no sleeves, the cut, the print, the neckline or the hemline. If you are shopping for a dress for a special occasion then you also want the dress to be show-stopping, but without overshadowing you. As Coco Chanel said “Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress” meaning; make sure you are wearing the dress instead of the dress wearing you.

Personally I am a devoted dress-aholic and could write reams on this subject, so we’ll start with some classic tips for choosing the perfect dress (with this beautiful Roland Mouret Janus dress to inspire you) and then later this month I’ll give you my top picks on the best dresses for your shape.

1. Don’t follow trends. If it’s a black tie affair you should be looking to invest in something classic and beautiful, as opposed to completely of-the-moment.

2. The other extreme is playing it too safe. Be daring, be glamorous but always be yourself.

3. Heels will always make you, your legs and the dress look better but don’t think that they have to be super high. Sometimes a chunkier heel can work with a feminine dress but make sure you choose the dress first.

4. If you’re ultra skinny or boyish then you can create the illusion of curves by playing up your waist. If your waist looks smaller than your hips, you’ll appear more womanly.

5. To make your curves look smaller then it’s all about the fabric. Make sure the dress isn’t cut too tight across either the bust or the bum. Anything too flimsy just doesn’t work, go for structured but not clingy.

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