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Personal Stylist: Jeans Genius

  • posted January 26th, 2010
  • Fashion

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is a little bit like looking for meaning in a Sweet Valley High novel. In other words, very very tricky. While there is a vast array of styles available to chose from, it’s picking the right ones for your shape that is the difficult part. With that in mind I have put together some easy peasy tricks and helpful hints to picking the perfect pair, whatever your body shape!


1. Don’t assume that only skinny girls can wear high-end brands. James Jeans and Serfontaine both do styles with a 34 inch waist.

2. Choose neat, fitted cuts rather than wide-legged or flared styles that can add volume. A straight leg or slight boot-cut is ideal.


1. Go for brands that do a 29inch leg, such as Paige Premium Denim or Siwy.

2. High-rise styles will create the illusion of greater height, especially when worn with heels


1. A low-waisted style will work best to create some distance between your bust and your waist, giving a more hourglass effect.

2. Skinny jeans are a no-no, as you’ll look top-heavy. Try a slouchier, slightly wider leg, such as J Brands selection.


1. Look for large square pockets or pointed ones and avoid rounded pockets, to balance out your shape.

2. Boyfriend styles work well as they hang off the hips and will make you look slimmer.
Denim styles from left to right:
Best for curvy shapes: Serfontaine Minx straight leg jeans £125,
Best for petite shapes: J Brand Heartbreaker jeans £110,
Best for big bust: Paige Premium Denim Franklin Boy jeans £47.72
Best for pear shapes: J Brand wide legged jeans £89